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MensesCup is the most convenient, eco-friendly, reusable and cost-effective way to live with periods. We understand that new things can be intimidating and we are here to answer all your questions. Just get in touch!


Medical Grade Silicone

MensesCup is built with ultra-soft, hospital grade silicone – you are in safe hands.


12-Hour Protection

Enjoy 12-hours of lasting protection for the lightest to the heaviest flow.


Ecological & Sustainable

MensesCup can last up to 10 years, saving you tons of money and producing less waste.


Why MensesCup?

Discover a healthier, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to disposable period products. Made from 100% medical grade silicone, our reusable menstrual cups are body-safe, ultra-smooth and hygienic. Give your body the care it needs.

We Got You

MensesCup is safe and comfortable, hygienic, economical, and eco-friendly. You can walk, jog, swim, hike, and focus on being your best - without worrying about your periods.

But let's admit - you'll see your period blood and attempting something new might be a challenge. But we have your back. Our Period Mentors are available to answer your questions any time you need help!


The Best Menstrual Cup.

Our founder, Ann, designed MensesCup when there were only a handful of cups available on the market. We had an instant love for the Menstrual Cup and decided to improve the design and make the product perfect for most women. Now with over 150 brands to choose from, MensesCup stands out with the finest design and is the safest Menstrual Cup.

For All Ages And Stages

For All Ages And Stages

Did we note that Menses Cups are the most convenient, eco-friendly, reusable and cost-effective way to live with periods?


MensesCup Promise

MensesCup contains no whitening agents, perfumes, and absorbent gels. Our cups are built with medical grade silicone. Also –

– zero Alkylphenol
– zero Bisphenol A
– zero Latex, Phthalates, and PVC

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Do you sterilize your cup?

With the MensesCup Sterilizer - get perfect sterilization at the end of every cycle. No more soiling your kitchen utensils - the MensesCup Sterilizer is your go-to answer for quick and 100% perfect menstrual cup sterilization.

Experience Total Freedom

Women With MensesCup Report 100% Freedom Even With The Heaviest Flows

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